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Our primary service is mortgage advice. Think of us as your guide through the huge number of options on the market. Whether you're new to the market, or a seasoned pro, we'll endeavour to give you the best advice to suit your circumstances.

Call us anytime to bounce your ideas off us - we're happy to talk with you to see if we can help you.

  • Residential Home Loans
  • First Home Buyers
  • Refinance / Remortgage
  • Self Employed / Low Doc Home Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Property Investment Loans
  • Bad Credit Home Loans
  • Mortgage Reduction Strategies
  • Debt Consolidation

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What Does A Mortgage Broker Do?

In summary, we use our experience and knowledge of the finance market to not only find you the best deal but to recommend options with features that suit your needs.

Day to day, we know which banks and lenders are offering the best rates. We also know the application criteria for each bank and lender which gives us the ability to pursue the correct lenders without wasting time; especially if you have some special criteria.

We'll also negotiate with the lender to get you the best deal we can on your behalf. You won't get this with a bank.

And if you don't qualify or meet the bank's application criteria, they won't help you find an alternative solution or option.

We understand how stressful it can be purchasing a new home and applying for the finance. We endeavor to make the entire process as painless as possible for you and get you that finance without you having a heart attack.

Other activites we will do on your behalf include;

  • Collect and gather appropriate application information
  • Meet with you (we will travel to you) to get necessary signatures
  • Complete and submit lender application forms
  • Communicate with the lender
  • Negotiate with the lender
  • Follow up with lender regularly during application process to ensure a fast turn around time
  • And much more...

Our service is free to you as we are paid commission from the lenders.


🏠 Residential Loans

🏠 First Home Buyers

🏠 Low Deposit Home Loans

🏠 Self Employed / Low Doc Home Loans

🏠 Property Investment Loans

🏠 Mortgage Refinancing

🏠 Fixed & Variable Interest Rates

🏠 Principle & Interest or Interest Only Loans

🏠 Commercial Loans

🏠 Access to Over 50 Lenders

Pre-Approval Indication

Eligibility Assessment in 30 Minutes or Less

With some basic information, and some info about what you're looking to purchase, in 30 minutes or less we can give you an idea if you are likely to be eligible for pre-approval from a lender.

If you spotted your dream home, and are not sure if you can afford it, give us a call and we'll let you know in no time if it's in reach for you. If it's a stretch, we will explore various options to see if we can get you over the line.

Go to our Pre-Approval Information page to see what types of information would be handy to give you an accurate pre-approval indication. It's really easy.

Home Loan Application

Save your time and stress. Another advantage of using our mortgage broker service is that we take care of the loan application for you.

We will gather your info from you, complete all of the necessary paperwork (these days it's mostly online forms), obtain your signatures, and lodge the application with the lender. This will literally save you countless hours. And it's a bonus that we know how to fill in the forms correctly,

Because this is our business and what we do, we make sure the application criteria is met correctly at the time of applying for the loan. In some cases this can save weeks of wasted time especially when it comes down to waiting for a bank to let you know there is something wrong with the application.

For a typical home loan application (referring to Adelaide specific info), we’ll need information such as income and expenses, assets and liabilities, number of children and ages, credit card details, payslips, etc.

If you’re self employed we will need tax returns and business bank statements. For further information, we have created a list of items we may require – please visit our Loan Application Information page for details.

Application Progress

Be assured, we won't just lodge your application, move on to our next client and forget all about you - there's nothing worse that being left in the dark especially with something so important such as your loan application.

First, we will continue to touch base with you to let you know we are monitoring the progress of your application. Secondly, we will continue to keep in contact with the lender until we can secure a result.

It can be a stressful process waiting for the results of your loan application. We are there to make it sure the process goes smoothly and keep your blood pressure down by making sure all the documentation and forms are correct in the first place, to being consistently in touch with the lender in case they need any further details.

As soon as we hear anything from the lender, we will be in touch with you. Once the application is approved, our role continues until you are in your new home.


Access To Over 50 Lenders
We'll find the best home loan to suit your needs.

Mortgage Broker Adelaide Services

First Home Buyers

If this is your first time buying a home, then it can be quite daunting when faced with all of the many home loan options that are out there. Not only that, you will want to know exactly what Government incentives are available to you as a first home buyer.

Our role is to make the entire process easy for you and make sure you get the best options and home loan to suit your needs and also take full advantage of any Government incentives available to you.

Residential Home Loans

The best residential home loan for you may not just be the one with the cheapest interest rates. Other options such as fixed or variable rate loan, offset account, redraw facilities, credit card facilities, etc, etc, may all just be as important to you as the lowest interest rate.

Sometimes it's necessary to pay a little bit higher interest rate to benefit from some of these features.

It's our job to discuss these options with you and find the best fit for you right now and into the future.

Mortgage Refinance

It's definitely worth doing a health check on your mortgage periodically. Over time, things change, the market changes, the competition changes, and because your home loan is one of the biggest expenses in your life, it's important to check what your other options are.

Or perhaps you're not happy with your current lender, or have some other reason to refinance your mortgage, we can carry out this process for you and save you huge amounts of time by doing the legwork for you.

If you want a better deal on your mortgage, we can certainly assess your current loan and look for better options for your situation. We will do all the necessary work and applications to ensure the refinance process runs as smoothly as possible for you.

Mortgage Comparison

Your mortgage is a monumental commitment and investment that is no doubt one of the most expensive in most people's lifetimes. It is important that a mortgage comparison is carried out to ensure you have the best deal on the market today.

Throughout the life of your mortgage, carrying out a mortgage comparison every few years has the potential to save you thousands.

Low Deposit Home Loans

If you haven't quite got your 20% deposit saved up yet, there are a few low deposit home loan options on the market that could help. It is actually possible to get a loan with as low as 5% deposit as long as certain criteria can be met.

If this is you and you're in Adelaide, our mortgage brokers will do all they can to find you a loan for the deposit you have.

Self Employed / Low Doc Home Loans

Owning your own business is rewarding but can be difficult when it comes to securing a home loan. Our team are experts in low-doc home loans that are designed for small business owners, sole traders and contractors.

The more ways you can prove your income, such as tax returns, bank statements, etc, the easier an application process will be.

Property Investment Loans

If you're looking at an investment property and need either a principle and interest or an interest only loan, we have access to dozens of lenders that offer both types of products.

We are experienced with investment loans and can help you out regardless if this is your first investment or you are a seasoned investor. We will help you maximise the returns on your investment.

Commercial Loans

We have secured many commercial loans for commercial clients. We will happily spend time with you to discuss your commercial finance requirements. Our priority is to make your financing processes as painless as possible as to let you to spend your time worrying about your interests.


🏠 Residential Loans

🏠 First Home Buyers

🏠 Low Deposit Home Loans

🏠 Self Employed / Low Doc Home Loans

🏠 Property Investment Loans

🏠 Mortgage Refinancing

🏠 Fixed & Variable Interest Rates

🏠 Principle & Interest or Interest Only Loans

🏠 Commercial Loans

🏠 Access to Over 50 Lenders